Monday, January 15, 2018

Weatherford, Texas - Then & Now IV

Two years ago I was looking through all of the amazing old photos taken around Weatherford.  It was awesome to see horse drawn carriages traveling through our town square, early model cars and what the buildings looked like in those early days.  Many of the original structures were ravaged by fire but some still stand tall today in original form.  I felt inspired to recreate some of these old photos and give a 'Then & Now' comparison.  It is surreal to stand in exactly in the same location that the original photo was taken.  Here's a look back into the past of historic downtown Weatherford, Texas. The fourth video in the 'Then & Now' series will give you a small sample of what Weatherford was like in the early & mid 1900's.

CLICK HERE to see the complete playlist from all 5 videos in the series.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

A couple of months ago we had Kat's bridal session scheduled at Willow Lake Gardens.  There's a lot of planning involved with a bridal session like dress fitting, ordering flowers, hair & makeup etc.  Minutes before the session was set to begin, it started to pour rain.  Of course we knew there was a threat of rain in the forecast but because of all the details I mentioned, we really had to shoot whatever we could.   Kat's mother had also traveled in from Houston, so re-scheduling wasn't really an option. When I pulled up, they were standing underneath the covered porch of the log cabin near the barn on the property.  As beautiful as she looked, I could see the disappointment on her face, but we decided to make the most of the situation and begin the session.  Every bride has a vision for their portraits.  We were planning a sunset bridal with fields and trees in the distance, but had to improvise.  My creativity was really put to test as I was forced to do an entire bridal session in a 10x20 space.  Keep in mind that I also was barely able to step outside the area so I wouldn't get my equipment wet.  Despite the obstacles, I was pleased with the images we were able to record.  Here are a few of my favorites from the session. 

Thompson + Parker Engagement

I photography this awesome couple at Willow Lake Gardens in Weatherford.  

Family Portraits at Chandor Gardens

I've had the honor to photograph all the Velarde kiddos from newborn to now.  What a great looking family!  We greatly appreciate your business through the years.

Senior Sessions

I photographed Cooper the first time when he was just a toddler and many many times in between.  It's hard to believe he's old enough to graduate!  I though it was very cool that his mom found her father's 50 year old rodeo shirt and Cooper wore it is some of his senior photos. 

Fulmer + Hickman Engagement Session

Weatherford, Texas - Then & Now IV

Two years ago I was looking through all of the amazing old photos taken around Weatherford.   It was awesome to see horse drawn carriag...