Sunday, October 30, 2011

Photo Excersion

A few weeks ago my best photog buds and I headed out to see what kind of photos we could get.  We found an awesome  location with abandoned structures and even an old car graveyard. Here are some of the best images from that day, and a few behind the scenes shots of us in action. 


The Edits

Here's just a quick candid shot I snapped of my son the other day.  I played around with the image using my iPod apps and came up with some various edits.  

Jeepers Creepers

While driving home the other day I couldn't help but notice a very creepy yard decoration. Immediately I thought of the horror flick Jeepers Creepers. Here's a few edits I did to the pic to give it a bit more edge.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pure Sass

I've photographed this little doll many times throughout the years. I cant believe shes already 6!  Our last session went great and she wasn't shy of the camera. 

This Week In Instagram

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