Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Path

On this day we'll take a drive. A drive to a familiar place, on a path that may not be as regular as it should. Life keeps us running in fast motion between work, school, practice, games......the hustle.  Most times we forget about the most important part of us, our family. Today when you're traveling to visit your relatives, reflect on what great memories you've had, and be thankful for your blood. They are what molded you onto who you are.         On this day I'm thankful for my beautiful family, my health, my job, there's so much to mention. I'm blessed. Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Brandi & Austin

Meddling Around Fort Wolters Base

This past week my photog buddies and I set out to explore Fort Wolters military base in Mineral Wells.  The property is full of abandoned structures which is something we enjoy capturing. It's astonishing to me to see that these buildings once were living quarters to hundreds, educational facilities, and some even appeared to be nurses stations. Here's a few of the structures we found, most barely standing.

So,  in between all the serious shooting we couldn't help but stop and pose for group shots in many of these unique locations we found. Here are some of the crazy shots we came up with. 

Senior Class of 2019