Saturday, February 23, 2013

If These Walls Could Talk...(Update)

While growing up, there was an elderly man and woman I'd see driving slowly around town in their dark green 60's model car. In the back seat sat their middle aged daughter who apparently had  down-syndrome. She'd look at us kids with a blank  emotionless glare as 
the car passed by. Of course a small child doesn't fully understand so she was scary to us.    The  family of three lived in this house that sat just a one hundred yards from my childhood home.  I always wondered what it must have looked like inside those walls.    What the daughter did all day, where she sat to watch tv.... 

I've known that the house has set empty for a couple of decades now, but because of my recent interest in abandoned structures, I remembered  it.  While recently in my hometown of Millsap, I parked my truck and slowly made my way along the overgrown sidewalk and into the front door or what remained of it anyway.  Typically when exploring an abandoned home, we don't know anything about the history. The most eerie feeling came over me while standing inside the home because of the mental snapshot in my head. The images of the mysterious family who once lived in this now dilapidated, lifeless, wooden skeleton.

My buddy James and I took take a little drive in search of abandoned homes. I decided to head into Millsap to show him the old house I had briefly visited last spring. We spent a bit more time browsing than I did originally that day when I was alone. Throughout the house there were magazines and various papers. James even found a personal check that was endorsed in 1982. It's mind blowing to see items that have probably been sitting in that same spot for 20 years. Here are a few new images from yesterday.

I must say that the most disturbing thing we found in this house was a pile of cut hair in the floor. I could only assume it was the hair of the daughter who lived there with her elderly parents.   By the looks of the ransacked home I imagine that after the family left the house and mess behind.  I'd guess that vandals scattered books and everything about the house. James brought something to my attention. It was odd that the hair actually was laying on top of the clutter on the floor. This leads us to believe that there was probably piles of old trash on the floors when they were living there. Very interesting... 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

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