Friday, September 28, 2012

Always A Bridesmaid

A wedding isn't complete unless the bride has her best friends standing next to her during the most important day in her life....

There are so many details that a bride must consider when planning her special day. Besides the big stuff like location and food, the accessories are pretty important as well.  The perfect shoes, earrings, vial etc. just to name a few. One of the most important accessory may also be her best friends who will stand with her while she says her wedding vows.  

This blog series showcases the girls who make up half of the wedding party....The Bridesmaids!

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Always A Bridesmaid

A wedding isn't complete unless the bride has her best friends standing next to her during the most important day in her life....

Friday, September 21, 2012

IPhone 4 & 4s Cases

Only 3 days left on our 15% off iPhone 4 cases.

We're excited to announce that just this week we started offering our iPhone4 & 4s cases into our products. Phone cases are a great way to dress up and personalize your iPhones.  Uses either one of the images from your photo session or browse the still life images in our gallery. CLICK HERE 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Always A Bridesmaid

A wedding isn't complete unless the bride has her best friends standing next to her during the most important day in her life....

Here's my first blog entry featuring the bridesmaids and how they are a key accessory of making a fairy tale wedding complete. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekly Special

15% off iPhone 4 & iPhone 4s photo cases. 

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Look Who's Fifteen

We are excited to say that this month marks 15 years since we began our photography business.  It was just a short time after graduating from TSTC in Waco that we began to slowly build our "Felts Photography" portfolio.  Almost entirely by word of mouth our clientele slowly started to increase on the portrait side as well as the wedding end.  The art of photography is always changing.  It has been interesting to see the evolution of the art and what styles and trends have come and gone.  Not to mention how our own growth through the years has evolved as well.  It seems we are always learning something new.  Everything from a new lighting technique to a better way to manage the business end of things.  Cari and I have been so blessed to have a steady stream of clients who have continued to stay interested in this very competitive area of work.  We are so grateful to those who gave us an opportunity in the beginning of our journey and trusted us enough to document their newborns, seniors, etc. and more crucially their wedding memories. 

We are anxious to continue doing what we love by serving our clients with the best product we can offer them.  To show past, present and future clients our appreciation, we will be announcing many weekly specials via our blog as well as our main Felts Photography Face Book Page.  

For the remainder of September we are offering $15 off 
our session fee (weekday only).    

Monday, September 10, 2012

Did You Know?

The gravitational force of the moon is strong enough to cause the ocean to rise (causing high tide) and therefore it is possibly changing the gravitational effect on our glands and organs which can affect our moods. During the night, the full moon counteracts the gravitational pull on us from the Earth, and during the day its complete absence overhead would allow the Earth's gravitation to have an unobstructed affect on us. This gravitational difference between mid-day and midnight is the greatest during the days of the full moon (and new moon when the moon is overhead during midday and absent during the night). It is one explanation for a persons more erratic behaviour during this time (and also during the new moon for some people).
Some animals change in behavior also during the changes of the moon, much as humans, their moods/actions seem influenced as well as sexual behavior seem more prominent during different phases of the moon.
That’s something most police and hospital workers have known for a long time. Indeed, back in eighteenth-century England, a murderer could plead “lunacy” if the crime was committed during the full moon and get a lighter sentence as a result. Scientists, however, like to have a hard physical model to explain their discoveries, and so far there isn’t a fully accepted one. Dr. Lieber speculates that perhaps the human body, which, like the surface of the earth, is composed of almost 80 percent water, experiences some kind of “biological tides” that affect the emotions. When a person is already on psychologically shaky ground, such a biological tide can push him or her over the edge.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Photography Road Trip

Here are some Hipstamatic images from a short road trip we took down around the Hillsboro area.

Senior Class of 2019