Friday, August 5, 2016

Did You Know #14

Did you know we offer wedding photography?

Upon graduating from TSTC in 1997, we started our photography business. I spent the following 8 years working a regular full time job while continuing to build clientele and a descent portfolio. In 2005 I began to realize that there was enough business where I could concentrate solely on the photography. I feel extremely blessed by the support through the years. So, thank you to all our past wedding/portrait clients who have trusted Felts Photography with with capturing your memories.
We're proud of the studio space we have on the square which has a shooting room and a gallery of samples and albums for wedding clients to look at. We highly encourage you have a sit down consult with your potential photographer before signing a contract. If you or someone you know is planning an upcoming wedding, please give us a call at 817-613-1439 to schedule a (no obligation consultation. We can't wait to meet you!

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Weatherford, Texas: Then & Now

In January I began a project called 'Then & Now'.    The idea was to use some of the amazing old photographs taken in Weatherford from the early 1900's and duplicate them in todays condition.   For this to happen, it would require me to stand in exactly the same location the original photo was taken and shoot a current one. It's imperative that the all the corners of the buildings match and columns match up etc. Otherwise the transition from the old to new photo wouldn't work.  

I have been amazed at how well received this personal project has been. Since I posted the first video in January there have been over 43 thousand views between all three in the series. Very flattering for sure. I hope to continue doing more of these in the future. Below is the playlist for all the 'Then & Now' videos.

Here are the still photo images for you to get a better look. 

Senior Class of 2019