Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Little Cowboy

Take A Minute

Usually on our drive back home from my parents in Millsap, we just rush past everything and never really stop to enjoy the view. On this day we decided to stop and look at the horses in the pasture. The same horses we've never even noticed. I don't even know who they belong to, but we it didn't matter. 

I'm glad we took a minute to just enjoy the view...

Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Day Out

Last week we had an awesome day out with our best friends. A day out that didn't include our kiddos.  We all love our children dearly however, it's good to get away and have an adults only day out.  The 4 of us drove down to meddle around the square in Granbury.  Just shop hopping and spending a relaxing day NOT getting on to our kids. Haha. We went though "The Nutty House". Which is a historic hotel built in the 1800's.  Here re a few shots from there. 

Yes, this place had a creepy ghostly feel in the air. The walls were covered with photos and artifacts from that period of time. It's felt as if the people in the photos were still there with us. I wouldn't want to stay the night, that's for sure. 

One thing that really gives me the chills are old dolls and mannequins. The store below the hotel had plenty. Here are some shots I took of them. 

Senior Class of 2019