Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

-How many photographers are on staff with Felts Photography?

Jake is the only photographer with the company however his wife Cari is an important part of the daily operation. Managing the finances, assisting with events, sorting orders and quality control are just a few jobs of Cari’s workload. Because she handles most of the business side of things, that allows Jake to focus on the creative aspects. A great team!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Celebrating 20 Years in Business!

I can't believe that 20 years ago this month, Felts Photography began.  Of course it took several years before I considered myself a bonafide pro but I was definitely working hard to get established. 

In 1997 I graduated from TSTC in Waco with a degree in Audio Visual Production Technology.  In order to build a portfolio and gain experience, I immediately began offering portraits for family and friends.  Of course this was in the days before social media so getting the word out was a bit slower.  Throughout the next 8 years I'd continue working a full time job in photo processing.   In 2005,  my wife Cari & I realized that due to the growing clientele it was best to solely focus on the photography business.  Leaving the security of a full time job is always risky but we had faith and it has worked out great.  We have been blessed over the past 20 years with loyal, steady stream of clients who continue to stay interested in our photography services.  We are truly grateful for every session, wedding, school, etc. we have been able to shoot over the past 20 years.  Thanks to everyone who has trusted Felts Photography with capturing their memories over the years!  

Senior Class of 2019