Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Web Site Tunes

I was finally able to update my site music after about a week of having just one song in the jukebox. I know that was annoying to have the same song repeat over & over again. This was the third time since January that I've changed out all the songs on the site. There is actually a lot of thought the goes into my selections. I want them to be slow to mid tempo range so it will relax the customer while they are view our samples & their proofs. I am a fan of many genres so I try to incorporate many flavors of music to please everyone. The 9 I have selected this time were:
  • 'Fight For Love' by: Elloit Yamin.
  • 'Melt My Heart To Stone' by: ADELE
  • 'Ain't No Sunshine' by: Kris Allen
  • 'Off I Go' by: Greg Laswell
  • 'Is It Over Yet' by: Wynonna
  • 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You' by: Lady Antebellum
  • 'Out Of My Mind' by: James Blunt
  • 'A New Day Has Come' by: Celine Dion
  • 'New Favorite' by: Allison Krauss

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