Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Shack In The Back

The growth of our business has been a series of baby steps to get where we are today. We started our business in '97 with simply setting up our backdrop's & studio lights in customers homes, or in my parents living room. You've gotta start somewhere... From there we had alittle extra space in our garage we used as a small studio after Cari & I first married. After we moved into our new house in 2000 we had big plans to have a portable building built which we would use as our official studio. While under construction we shot in the upstairs portion of my in-laws. Keep in mind I was still working a full time job while I could build up enough clients to jump into photography full time.
In around 2004 the Horton's visited our little 12x24 studio behind our house to have their daughters photographed. The sisters looked beautiful in fluffy dresses, hair curled on top of their head with bows to match. The shoot went great & mom & dad seemed happy with the results. Here is one of the images thay selected to enlarge which was featured on our 1st website.

Several weeks later, a referral of the Horton's visited our studio. The precious girls were mentioned during our shoot & the customer recalled what the oldest girl had said about my modest setup. "Yeah he had chickens behind his house & a shack in the back!" Ouch......the "studio" that I was so proud of was called a shack in the back. It's so funny how children perceive things around them, and you never know what they will say. So from that day on Cari & I have always called our studio "the shack in the back". Since then we have moved our studio to the square. Now that I have a more professional building I very seldom get that "so how long have you been doing this?" or "is this just a hobby"
Last week we photographed the sisters again on their property in Mineral Wells. I forgot to mention the comment to the now pre-teenager, but Mrs. Horton & I laugh about it later. Here are some of the various images from our latest session.

This month marks 2 years that we have been at our studio on the square. We're located at 102 Palo Pinto, Suite C. (by appointment) The "shack in the back" we have at our home makes a great half storage, half play room for the kids. It worked great for us for many years until we could find the perfect place to studio. Our Palo Pinto St. location is a great place for us. As you're waiting for the red light you may just catch a glimpse of our sign & give us a call to book you next family session.
It's never too early to schedule your Christmas session. Our Saturday times are taken into late November, but weekdays are available. Call to schedule an appointment. 817-613-1439

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  1. We've never been to "the shack in the back." But that's okay, we're glad we found you when we did! Great work, Jake!


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