Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Chase!

Our son turns 10 years old today. It's hard to believe that 10 years has already past since we brought Chase home from the hospital. All of our closest family was there to welcome him into the world & many were even in the delivery room, heck we should have sold tickets to the event. We didn't mind sharing the moment with everyone. No one told us that babies didn't come with instruction manuals, but luckily our moms were just a phone call away. It's funny to look back at how nervous first time parents are then comes baby #2 & how much relaxed we get.

I wanted to share just a few photos of Chase.
1 day old in the Hospital.

2 days old in his "coming home" outfit.

I always liked this Popeye shot of him.

3 years old.

4 years old. He loved Spiderman!

3 years old. You wouldn't catch me holding that snake.

9 year photo shoot.

A collage of some of my favorite shots from his 10 year shoot.

Sunday we celebrated his birthday with all his cousins & friends. It was such a nice day for all the kids to run wild in the yard & they loved jumping in the bounce house we rented. Here are a few action shots from the party.

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