Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Did You Know

Short facts & tid-bits:

  • The names of all the continents end with the letter they start with.
  • On average a hiccup lasts 5 minutes.
  • The baseball home plate is 17 inches wide.
  • About one-third of recorded CDs ever sold were pirated.
  • Queen Elizabeth of Britain sent her first email in 1976.
  • Joseph Niepce developed the world’s first photographic image in 1827.
  • China uses 45 billion chopsticks per year. 25 million trees are chopped down to make ‘em sticks.
  • In the US, murder is committed most frequently in August and least frequently in February.
  • MasterCard was originally called MasterCharge
  • There are more TV sets in the US than there are people in the UK.
This fast fact were from the site: Trivia Factoids


  1. The pirated CD one always makes me sad! Thanks to illegal downloading, we won't have a music industry in another decade -- if it takes that long.

  2. No kidding. It's sad for the music industry in this day & time. Back 10 years ago, a billboard #1 record would have sold over a million copies the first week. Now days 350,000 records sold in the first week will put an artist at #1, That's now considered good. sad


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