Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I must have been good last year because for Christmas I got a iPod Touch from Santa. I've gotta say, now I totally get what all the fuss is over the iPhone. The iPod touch has all the functions of the iPhone but unable to make calls. The apps......they're endless & I could search for them all day, so I found one I must share. For anyone who's into photo's & sharing them you need to check out the Instagram application from Apple. I was just browsing photo editing apps & came across this one. I like how you could instantly apply a retro treatment to your photos, as if your looking at your parents old 60's & 70's snapshots. Here are a few I've done so far.

This function allows you to either take a photo with your device, or import images you have stored on your computer. All of the above photos are actually taken with my regular Canon SLR camera & I just applied the filters using Instagram.
After a couple of days of using the app. I began to fully understand how it really works. It's set up like a photo social network like Twitter & Facebook. In fact you have the option to publish your edited Instagram photos & share them in FB, Twitter, Flicker, Tumbler, Posterous & Foursquare. (Most of those I've never heard of) Others who use Instagram can follow you & comment on your photos, like Twitter & FB. I'm pretty stoked that I stumbled upon this cool "photo networking" site. Even if you aren't a photographer (& you have an iPhone or 4G iPod touch) you should give Instagram a try & we can follow each others retro styled journey in photo snapshots!


  1. So cool! You have a GREAT eye for photos.

  2. Those pictures are amazing! I'm glad you found the app if it means sharing more of your photos with us!

  3. Thanks Shari. I'm having fun posting my own, but the app allows me to see tons of other users photos & creations using Instagram. Glad you enjoy the updates.


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