Friday, April 1, 2011

DFW Photo Walk

If you follow my blog you may have seen many of my photos post from Instagram.  This free app is for iPhone or iPod touch 4G users. You don't have to be a photographer to get in on the action. There are many "real photographers" that use IG but just as many that aren't.  Several of the people I follow on there just take everyday pics that capture life as they see it. I publish many of my SLR camera pics, but just as many with my iPod.   You can turn an average looking pic into a cool piece of retro art.  This photo based social network is similar to FaceBook, but it's all about photos, nothing else. 

Last week IGers from all over the world had the chance to meet each other as different locations staged meet-ups.  Local DFW die-hards met up last weekend  for the second time for a photo walk in Dallas. This is similar to various photo clubs where all of the local photo gurus will meet at a location, then walk around & photograph different things. (I know this has photo nerd written all over it but I don't care  lol)  I'm generally not a big fan of schmoozing with total strangers but I thought it would be cool to actually meet folks that share this common interest. I asked my buddy & cousin Pattie if she would be interested in attending & she jumped at the chance. Here are some of my favorite captures from the meet up. 

After we all met up at Starbucks, we headed out to walk the streets of downtown Dallas.

I creeped up on Laura as she photographed
a vine covered  building.

A sad reality is that some people just
don't care enough to use the trash can.

Pattie not just an actress, but a
photographer in training.

Marty grabs a shot of Heather
next to a water wall.
Same image just double exposed.
I caught a reflection shot of them from a vehicle.

It was chilly last weekend & I spotted these guys on the street.  It's just a reminder to us who have a warm bed to sleep in, to not complain about our petty problems. Someone always has it much worse than you do.
 For our next stop we visited Lula B's vintage resale store. This place has anything & everything vintage. If you're a collector, this place is a must. Here are a few of the interesting finds we spotted.

This was the most unusual thing I guess I came across at the shop.   Something I've always wanted is an antique vase filled to the brim with mannequin fingers. Yes, broken mannequin finger. I'll pass!

After that we headed across the street to eat at Twisted Root Burger. This place was great. Besides just having great food, the many hilarious signs & bumper stickers that graced the walls made for great conversation pieces. Here are a few.  

Booted! Yes ladies if you don't pay to park you will get booted.  After a good meal they were surprised to see the meter maids had visited their little car. With a zoom lens I had a chance to grab a quick (stealth) shot.  A few minutes later one of them walked over to ask if we were the ones who booted their car. Really? With our street clothes & cameras in hand...did we look like meter maids?  

Pattie & Marty talking about music.  Marty teaches at a local  School Of Rock. Pretty cool I thought. I also like the words behind them. Click... photos... get it?  

 Heather & I had an IG shootout which then turned into a lovefest between her & an unsuspecting bystander.  He was a good sport.

Thanks to Heather for sending me these shots.

So, what's the big deal? 
As a portrait photographer I rarely have time to do anything beside photograph people. I thoroughly enjoy it don't get me wrong, but I was missing something. There was literally years that went by where everything I photographed was breathing.  Until I joined Instagram in December, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed shooting still life. After seeing all the amazing talent in this community I am looking at every day things in a different way. Learning to think outside the box so to speak.  It may sound corny but it really has been a eye opening tool for me creatively. To be able to look  at the various styles & subject is very cool.  Even more cool are the amount of new friends I have gotten to know & respect as artists. These are people like me. Those who look at things a bit differently. Those who  sometimes  find it hard to put thoughts in words vocally but can speak through pictures.  Can't wait until next time guys!

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