Thursday, July 14, 2011

Who's Line Is It Anyway?

Yesterday I posted these series of images and asked my friends on Instagram to tell me what they thought was going on in these pics. Read below what some of them came up with. Some are not family friendly but hilarious.
  •  robertx__tx said: My bra went that away. 
  • 7lindsay7 said: "I thought the Ed Hardy outlet store was THAT way? What? No senior citizen discounts?"
  • txsharona_tx said:  "Cletus! Git yer gud fo nuthin butt down yonder and git my smokes!"
  •  saranryder1 said:  I just shit my pants Doug! ... Go to walgreens !!!! 
  • mistermcreynolds said: Imma serious. P90x made that wobbly thing unner Mah arm go 'way!!

  • @saranryder1 said:  dang Doug where are you? Walgreens isnt but a block away!
  •  txsharona_tx said:  I told that sunnofabitch that derned duct tape wuldnt hold up. I'm fixin tuh call and tear him a new un. 
  •  justanotherperson said: New text message?! Im just tryin to see what time it is!, damn technology.

  • snappedlove said:  "we have a unusual crime scene...seems we lost a bra and a gonna need the yellow tape Joe."
  • e_d  said:  "yeah chief we found another self service hooker. There she was standing under a 'play here' sign....." 
  • alisonwaring said:  Yeah chief, no no, no-one was hurt. Yeah she had her blinker one for twenty-two blocks before turning. It was completely unexpected. That hot dog cart really did a number on her car.  12h (X )

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