Sunday, August 28, 2011

KSCS Radio Stop

Last week I received an invite by a friend who had won some tickets to see Casey James at KSCS radio station.  This was a private short acoustic set to promote the recent release of his first single 'Let's Don't Call It A Night'.  Through my involvement with photographing Casey's idol homecoming last year, I have met many awesome people, dedicated CJ fans who have continued to follow the goings on of this local musician.  I continue to read the latest blogs written by my friend Shari, The Casey James Blog and Glenda Casey Mania.  Its been very interesting learning how radio airplay works and how hard it is to actually get a new artist played on large market radio. You would think that since he's a local guy that they'd automatically" spin his record". That's not the case at all, in fact I have learned that until his or any other artist's song is in the top 20 or so they will not even play it. There's so much red tape to go through, it nuts. However, there are many smaller marker stations throughout the country that are playing his new release, and now its climbing up the charts. We'll see whats happens next.

Thanks again Amber for asking me to attend the event. It was great seeing all you gals.
 This very relaxed set was very spur of the moment in fact his family only heard of his appearance hours prior but were able to make it. Casey even debuted a never before heard song. You can hear him say at one point, "Not even Momma has heard this one" 

Here's the video I shot. It's not full songs, just spliced together. It gives you a good idea what he did.

Funny story.... When Casey was at Billy Bob's, my wife stood in line for an hour and a half to get an autograph for my 6 year old.  She slowly made her way to Casey and at about 20 feet away they took him away. She was HOT, as was everyone else who had waited. Not his fault, they have him on a tight schedule. So this was my chance to finally get his autograph for her.


  1. So glad you went! Not just because we all benefit from your amazing photographs, but because you've been there supporting Casey for such a long time. One of the highlights of this whole experience for me has been getting to know you! You're a terrific friend and a really cool guy. And glad your wife finally got her autograph!

  2. Shari thanks so much for saying that. I too am so glad I was able to connect with you as well as so many others. You and your team are great for the amount of time and effort into keeping the fans up on the latest. What a talent you are! Glad to call you a friend.

  3. Thanks for this awesome story and those beautiful shots! I always love seeing your new stuff! So glad you were finally able to get the autograph for your wife, so cool!! If it's ok, I'm going to add this blog to my blogroll. And I can put your website on my favorites on the left sidebar too. Thanks Jake!


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