Friday, March 13, 2009

First Blog

Hey everyone. I've been wanting to create a blog for awhile now. Most photographers have a blog linked to their web site to inform everyone of upcoming events, personal views etc. I think its even a great way to connect with customers before they even use our services. We launched our new website in January & the response from it has been great. Our first site was created by Monte Jordan in January of '06 & it was just what we needed to showcase what we could offer to potential clients. He did a great job. After a few years we needed a change. My friend Cindy Gravitt, told me about They offer very inexpensive template websites that you can easily manage yourself. It was the best way for us to go. We have been very pleased with their services. I'm really not trying to advertise here, I've just had several people ask about who did the site. Anyway, I just wanted to welcome everyone to our first blog, and I plan on updating it often. Please feel free to leave comments. We hope you will check back soon for updates.

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