Thursday, March 26, 2009

Unlock the Box

Ok, when our son began his 3rd grade year we knew it wasn't going to be easy. Students are required to pass the reading portion of the state TAKS test to advance to the 4th grade. The teachers at Crockett Elementary are great but we knew that he needed some one-on-one extra help to catch him up in his reading comprehension strategies. We met with Natalie & Mundi, founders of "Unlock the Box" innovative learning in Weatherford. After doing a full assessment on Chase, they new exactly what areas he needed help in and the best way to teach him so he could understand. In September we knew we had a long road ahead but we were going to do what to took to help Chase pass the TAKS. His grades on practice tests & his report card have improved tremendously. We're so excited to say that HE DID IT! Congrats Chase on passing! We're grateful that his teachers and principal have been willing to work with the tutors at "Unlock the Box". I just wanted to let everyone know how to get in touch with "Unlock The Box" if you have a child that needs an extra push in school. We appreciate everything they have done for us. Thanks!


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