Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pic A Day 19: Unusual Flamingos

In around 1996 my Mom bought a pair of 40th anniversary pink flamingos. Inside the package there was a photo contest to enter using the birds. There were three categories to choose from. You could photograph the flamingos in attractive, unusual or funny settings.  She was on my case every weekend I was in from college to photograph them. After weeks of her hounding me I took them out on the RR tracks and positioned them as if they were crossing over.  I thought surely this would make her happy so she could quickly send them out to make the contest deadline. She clearly was more excited than I was about it this whole contest thing. I was shocked to find out I won third place in the unusual category. They sent me a coffee table book with all the other finalists and a $200 check!!! She practically drug me out to the tracks that day to get the photo. Did I share the winnings........heck no! She wouldn't ever take money from a broke college student.  haha   Here's the link:

(bad quality...I copied this from their site.)

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