Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Edits #2

For today's post I selected an image of little Elliot's 2 year old session. Mom brought the hat just for this shoot & gave it to me afterward, so it's in the studio ready to use again. Mom also emailed me after the shoot to make sure I was aware of Elliot's two beauty marks on her face. She knew how I usually go in & clean up the image & thought I would probably mistake them for "kid dirt." She was right... I would have zapped them off. It would have made her less beautyful.

This is the raw un-edited image.

The edited image shown to customer. Edits include:
Cropped in a little, added contrast to entire image, brightened eye color, darkened edges & slightly removed runny nose.

I basically took the edited photo then added a LOT of contrast. Adding contrast will then make the colors pop. I finished up by adding diffused glow which softened the skin.

The high contrast image ended up being mom's favorite....

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  1. I swear I commented on this the day you posted it... maybe I didn't confirm my post or something... weird... Anyway, Of course I love this one! ;o) Good info in your posts!


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