Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Children Say the Darndest Things..

As a father of two, I can never tell what kind of "word vomit" is going to come from my kids mouth. If you have kids you may have experienced an embarrassing moment or two when your child decides it would be a good idea to tell a complete stranger they looked pregnant, or why their skin was so black. They are brutally honest but you gotta love 'em.
Just the other day my 5 year old was sitting on my lap & said "dad we are learning patterns in school." A big light bulb went off as she quickly pointed at my beard stubble "look.... white, black, white, black...it's a pattern!" See that's a cute example but it's not so funny when their honesty gets you in trouble or make you look like a horrible parent.


  1. Your daughter's observation had me literally laugh out loud. So adorable and yet so inadvertently clear -- look, I'm already aging you. Kids'll do that!! Have a great Thanksgiving!!!


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