Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Hunt

Do you remember the simpler times?  The times when we didn't have 200+ channels to choose from? (Thank goodness because I was the human remote) The times when it wasn't necessary we have wifi at our motel or restaurant.  The days before YouTube, chat rooms, online dating, portable phones, apps, GPS, the list goes on and on. Those were the simple times..... 
On my way home from a photo session in Lipan, TX last week, I noticed this abandoned home.  It was pretty run down, but still had a few items of life left behind.  In the main living room sat this old console television. From what I remember it looked just like the TV we had when I was young. You remember, the one with the dial that only had a few channels.  I also remember after we'd turn off our TV a half moon would appear and my brother had me convinced that it was a real image of the actual moon.  Made sense to me. After all, at that time I thought people lived inside the TV anyway.  lol   
Exploring these old homes and various structures gives me a peaceful feeling.  I admit, it's a bit of an adrenaline rush but once I'm in I feel at ease.   Not knowing what I'll find or what kind of photographs the site will offer.  I compare it to those who like to hunt. It's no different than the folks who are quietly looking for that next-big-buck. Those in search for the deer with the wider/larger horns with more points than the last one they shot.  It's the same feeling I get. I'm always hunting for that forgotten treasure that everyone just drives past everyday.  An overgrown, decaying structure that once sheltered a family from storms and someone called their home. It's all about The Hunt.....

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