Saturday, March 21, 2015

Fan Fair 1995

As a graduation gift my parents surprised me with a trip to Nashville to attend what at the time was called Fan Fair.  This was a week long event when most country music artists would sign autographs and perform nightly as a fan appreciation.  I had a lot of video footage from our stay in Nashville but here's one that I thought was kinda cool. We noticed that Linda Davis was signing autographs, so we waited for our turn. Linda was not a huge name in the industry but had recently recorded big Grammy winning duet with one of my favorites,  Reba.  If you were a fan of Reba's you definitely knew who Linda was.  Needless to say we were pretty excited to meet her.  While mom was getting Linda's autograph she asked where she was from. Of course she didn't say Millsap because no one outside of our area has ever heard of our little town, so mom said Fort Worth.  Linda began to tell mom that she had a good friend named Gloria Gilbert who lived in Weatherford and then corrected herself by saying "actually she lives in Millsap!" Gloria was Miss Texas 1984 and apparently Linda had been in pageants with Gloria in the 80's.  "I've been to her house to spend the night."  What a small world it is

I noticed Linda's daughter Hillary sitting near the booth with her husband Lang (who played in Reba's band at the time.)  About 15 years later little Hillary would go on to become 1/3 of the trio known as Lady Antebellum. Too bad I didn't get her autograph that day.  haha 
Linda and daughter Hillary Scott

Gloria Gilbert

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