Sunday, July 10, 2016

Did You Know #10

Did you know that a couple of Parker County guys have a popular podcast with a huge following?

Cam Hale and Kyle Philson's podcast is called Expanded Perspectives and as stated on their web site, Expanded Perspectives represents individuals inclined to form one’s own opinions rather than depend upon academics or authorities; especially about ancient cultures, conspiracy theories, science, cryptozoology, social and religious issues. Their open minded views allow them to consider all possibilities regardless of how strange or unusual. They invite you to come with them as they explore the many stories, studies and topics through podcasts, interviews, books, blogs and news/magazine articles.

A friend of mine who also has a podcast (Pair of Spades) had mentioned these two guys and the unique but fascinating content they share.  I couldn't wait to check it out and was stoked to see they had nearly 150 different podcasts.  I soon realized, living in a small town that I actually knew of them but had no idea they even did this. I just wanted to share this with you all. Enjoy! 

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