Monday, July 11, 2016

Did You Know #12

Did you know that Felts Photography had been in business for 17 years before having an official brand/logo? 

 Yes, it's true. Looking back, I am pretty ashamed that I never took the time to create or decide on a logo to help our business grow. Through the years we simply used various fonts on our brochures and marketing materials. BORING! 

Well, last year I enlisted a good friend of mine to throw some ideas at me. At the time my buddy worked in advertising and has years of experience in this area so I knew he was the person to ask.  I have had so many people comment about how the logo really sets our work apart and is a recognizable brand. When I asked one client how they found us, she replied "I just kept seeing this red F&P on all these photos on FaceBook"  That sure gave me a great feeling. I imminently text my friend to let him know his creation was being noticed, and how much I appreciated his help. 

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