Thursday, December 17, 2009

Does That Make Me Crazy?

Every week the nationally syndicated radio show 'Kidd Craddik In The Morning' does a segment called Does That Make Me Crazy. Listeners call in to reveal the strange & unusual things they do everyday just to see if That Makes Them Crazy. Here are a few examples I found of quirky traits some people admitted to....does that make me crazy?

Megan says: I color coordinate my coffee cup with what I'm wearing at the office....does that make me crazy???

Tammy says: I must have everything in my refrigerator organized and all the labels must be facing the same direction. Also, all the tupperware containers must match......does that make me crazy?

Nichole says: I am extremely OCD, when I am doing dishes I have to wash them in the sink with bleach and dawn soap then put them in the dishwasher to wash them. I have to bleach/clean my counters at least 4 times a day, even if they haven't been used. I am just paranoid of the germs that they collect. Does that make me crazy??

Rebecca says: I have to smell the inside any cup before I can drink out of it. Does that make me crazy?

Brittany says: When i go grocery shopping, i find myself straightening all the items on the shelves.... does that make crazy?

Chris says: I scream "BUTT SCRATCHER!!!" ,as though I'm selling peanuts at a baseball game, at people as I drive down the street. Its quite fun....does that make me crazy?

Deimos says: I go back to make sure the door is locked four times. When I close the garage door I have to look back four times to make sure it’s closed. Also, I can’t sleep unless I think about numbers....does that make me crazy?

MD says: I have to pump an even dollar amt or number ending in five when i pump gas lol...does that make me crazy?

John says: oh and i believe toilet paper should be retrieved from the top of the roll, not from underneath the roll. and if i go pee in someone’s bathroom and their roll isn’t situated the proper way, i change it. I'm a toilet paper superhero. Be not afraid, citizens...does that make me crazy?

Lea says: I am also a paranoid key checker-in my pocket? check. two feet later-still in my pocket? check. right before I close my door: got my keys? check....does that make me crazy?

also, Is it crazy that some days I don’t feel at all validated if no one replies to my emails fast enough? I’m like, “oh. they hate me now. damn.” does that make me crazy?

Ramy says: immediately upon walking into a room, i size up all inanimate objects (chairs, books, plants, bottles, tables, etc.) to determine how i could use them in a bar fight. I never do this at bars...does that make me crazy?

Are these people crazy?
What makes you crazy?

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