Thursday, December 31, 2009

What A Decade

It's interesting to look back at your life & see where you were 10 years ago. Your age, relationships, finances, occupation, health, state of mind & just your outlook on life.
Cari & I have been so blessed in the last 10 years. Our son Chase was just 3 months old when we entered the new millennium & just like most folks, the media had us first time parents terrified of what would happen. In fear that the worlds power supply would crash, we stocked up on extra canned food & water. Seems crazy now but that's all the news was talking about. Y2K came & went without a hitch & we rolled on with our lives. That year our young family of 3 took a big step & we purchased our modest starter home in Weatherford. Our Photography business was becoming busier with every year that past while I continued working my fulltime job. Great opportunities for our business would appear & doors would open while others closed.
Fast forward 10 years later & you will see a very blessed husband & father of 2 beautiful children pushing through this always busy life. I'm so thankful to my wife Cari for being the one who works hard to make everything go so smoothly in our everyday lives. The best mommy ever! Not to mention all the work I throw at her everyday, because without her you would never get your orders packaged up or wedding albums put together. (plus much more behind the scenes work)
I have never been so happy with everything in my life. Here's to another great 10 years.
Oh by the way.... we are still in our starter home & it will more than likely be our finisher too!

Here is a fun chart I found on-line that is a great reminder of everything that went on during the past 10 years.
(click to enlarge)

Illustration created by Phillip Niemeyer.

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