Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Point & Shoot: End Of An Era...

I recently read an online article about how point & shoot cameras are now collecting dust due to how much easier it is to just reach for your camera phone when you want to get that fast photo of the kids. I can definitely relate to this theory myself. Now with social networking sites, our smart phones are set up to be able to instantly upload our favorite image directly to the internet to share with family & friends. There are many different steps you need to take when using a point & shoot. Take photos & save directly to the media card, put media card in computer, download files to your computer, then email or send to that social network site. We have become accustomed to instantly getting what we want right then, so I see why the makers of the point & shoot cameras are a bit concerned.

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  1. I always reach for my iPhone for quick photos when I don't have an SLR. It's so easy and fun to edit photos right away with a smartphone and any number of photo apps before posting online.


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