Monday, December 31, 2012

Top Photos Of 2012 (July)

Over the next few days I will be featuring my top Instagram photos of 2012.

Here are my top picks for July.

I posted this during Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.   This fake stuffed shark was on the wall in a gift shop at a water park. When I posted this I included some fun facts about the movie Jaws. See Below...

~Man Eater~ In the movie Jaws: The mechanical shark spent most of the movie broken-down, and was unavailable for certain shots. This led Steven Spielberg to use the camera as the "shark", and film from the shark's point of view. Many think this added to the "chilling/haunting" quality in the final release saying that it would have made it too "cheesy" had they shown the shark as much as originally planned.When composer John Williams originally played the score for Steven Spielberg, Spielberg laughed and said, "That's funny, John, really. But what did you really have in mind for the theme of "Jaws"?" Spielberg later stated that without Williams's score, the movie would only have been half as successful.According to writer Carl Gottlieb, the line "You're gonna need a bigger boat" was not scripted but improvised by Roy Scheider.This was the first time that Martha's Vineyard was used as a location for a feature film.

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