Monday, December 31, 2012

Top Photos Of 2012 (April)

Over the next few days I will be featuring my top Instagram photos of 2012.

Here are my top picks for April.

While leaving a senior session north of Aledo, Texas, I spotted this amazing tree in the distance. To date, it's my all time favorite image I've taken. 

I'm proud to know this great group of photographers. In May of 2011 a friend and I organized a photo walk where we invited other enthusiastic photographers to show up and take photos. This particular walk was unique because we toured The Ballpark. Over 40 instagramers showed up to shoot this great place. You can view all the photos from that photo walk through Instagram by using hash tag #FWPW9

This was an amazing find in an abandoned school in North Texas.  Obviously the music room....

This is an abandoned school we found in Dennis, Texas. We were in awe of this beautiful place.

While on a road trips with my friends, we would stop and meddle around old abandoned houses. Most of these houses still had remnants of the lives that once occupied them

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