Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Today I had a great Father's Day complete with burgers, homemade ice cream, swimming & best of all family. I'm so blessed to have such a great family to spend Father's Day with. This morning while on my way to pickup some last minute items at the store I passed by the cemetery. I noticed many people out visiting & putting out fresh flowers for I assume their deceased fathers. It made me feel so lucky to still have our father. For those who visit our website, you may have heard a song on there by Keith Urban. The song is called "Song For Dad" which was on an older album of his. I like this song so much because it talks about how when we get older we start to become just like our parents. How everything he does is for us even though we didn't think so at the time. The older I get I realize this & how our dads can be taken from us in a blink of an eye.
Here's the song I found on YouTube.


  1. Thats wonderful that you had a great Father's day with your family. And I do love that song as well, has alot of meaning.
    Spend time with your fathers while you can cause you never know when you wont have another day with them.

    Happy Father's day Jake

  2. Thanks for the comment. We do take for granted the days we have with anyone we love. The older I get I realize this & how our loved ones could be taken from us in a blink.


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