Saturday, September 25, 2010

Gavin Finley

Gavin is the 12 year old son a high school buddy of mine. Even at such a young age, Gavin has acquired a musical gift & has learned to play the guitar by ear. He performed his first acoustic set of covers at Denton's 'The Hydrant Cafe' this past week & I knew I couldn't miss it. Before the show started, I snapped a few of Gavin around the historic courthouse, which reminds be a lot of the square in Granbury.

Gavin made his entrance into the second floor of 'The Hydrant" to see standing room only with family, friends & random music lovers. Between strumming & belting out his favorite singer/songwriter tunes, he added just enough comedy to keep the crowd entertained during the show.

Playing & singing isn't just a hobby to Gavin. Just by seeing the amount of passion he has for music, I have a good feeling that this kid will go onto great things. I will be able to say I was there way back when.......

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