Sunday, September 5, 2010

Kiss Off

As a father of 2 young kids, most days our TV is stuck on the Disney channel. This entertainment powerhouse is responsible for turning young actors into millionaire household names. When pre-teen Miley Cyrus fell into the roll of a secret pop star, every little girl in the US wanted to be her. Similar shows on Nickelodeon like iCarly & Big Time Rush unfortunately act as babysitters to our children on a daily basis. Have you ever sat down to really pay attention to these programs that our kids are watching. Just because they're geared toward children, it may be a good idea to monitor a little closer the content on these shows.
It seems that kids these days are more mouthy & sarcastic than ever before. What do you expect when the role models they look up to are shown sassin' their parents on these "kid" programs. As the characters in these shows grow up, the subject matter also reflects their age. I've noticed one common thing in all these sit-coms (Sweet Life on Deck, iCarly, & Hannah Montana) that I find unsettling.... kissing! I do know that this is something kids that age are talking about, but It's nothing I want my 5 year old thinking about. You may say, don't let her watch then. This same silly show she watched three years ago didn't even talk about those things & now they focus alot on it & being boy crazy. Shouldn't it be time for Disney & Nick to face it & realize they can't keep these growing teenagers on their network forever. Time for a new cast of younger kids. I'm just sayin'.....

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