Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Items

Here are some new items we've added to our list of services.
*Click on image for a better look.

Display your favorite poses on the wall in a collage of different sizes. Float Wraps are a unique style of printing that will add an artistic flare to dress up your wall. Float wraps are printed in either metallic or fine art canvas. If you want a different size than just the standard 8x10-11x14-16x20 let us know & we will get you a price quote.
We've been offering the canvas gallery wraps for awhile now, but now they are a bit less expensive.

I'm real excited about this product! Until you see it in person it's hard to get a good idea of how these look. Instead of those breakable acrylic frames you've seen, try ordering your favorite shot in brushed metal. These look best in high key (lots of white) images. In the light areas of the image you will see the metal come through the best.
Note...the Curve Brushed Metal product is only printed in horizontal.

This product is getting more & more popular now. If you want many of a your favorites but don't have wall space for them, then get a Keepsake Album. This way you can enjoy all your favorites & they aren't just gone forever.

If you are gifting the Keepsake Album then you may want to pay $8 extra for a box especially made to hold the book. It comes in brown & has an ivory fabric ribbon to hold it closed. Even if it's not for a gift, this is a great way to keep it looking like new.

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