Friday, October 15, 2010

Sticks & Stones

There has been much attention in the media lately regarding bullying among young kids. After reading many articles about bullies & the effects it causes to our developing children, much needs to be done.
Most of us have had situations in our childhood where we felt bullied or mistreated by our peers. Most of us have also witnessed someone being bullied & stood back & let it happen. Maybe you stood back & laughed at remarks directed at the victim. To stand back & laugh is just as bad as actually initiating the act. Laughing & encouraging the bully feeds that monster ego & tells the less than fortunate kid that those harmful words are true.
We need to do something to let our younger generation that acting this way is dangerous. Not only can squash someones self esteem forever but worse lead to teen suicide. I have a friend who wrote a great article about this subject. Click to read Shari Geller's article on bullying.

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