Thursday, October 7, 2010

Visit To Colorado

About a year ago I received a call from my Aunt who lives in Colorado in regards to photographing my cousins wedding. I jumped at the chance to shoot a wedding deep in the heart of the rocky the Fall nonetheless. I just returned from my work/vacation this last week with tons of images to share. It will still be a few weeks until I have the wedding photos to show, but I wanted to post a few mountain shots I took. Some of my favorites were taken during our 11,000 ft. climb into the Rocky Mountain National Park.
Notice the smoke in the top of the photo. This summer lightning struck in the forest near Estes Park & smoke still visible from the contained smoldering fire.
Estes police was having his photo taken (photographer not pictured)

Here's a distant & close up shot of Estes Park from a few miles away.

This is the perfect time of year to visit this town to see the leaves changing colors in the mountains.

I said to my family over & over how these photos wouldn't be near a good if all the clouds weren't here. The different variations & colors added such dimension to the scene.

At this point we were above tree level. Over 11,000 ft. made it harder to breath & not enough oxygen for trees to grow.

During our stay for the wedding, it happened to be the Elk Festival in Estes Park. Tons of elk can be spotted in town.
This elk was alone in the yard of one of the cabins at the Black Canyon Inn.

The Suburban rental we had during our stay. Not too shabby!
We had such a blast while in Colorado. I had only visited this state years ago when I was in grade school. As a photographer I was in heaven & now that I'm an adult I can appreciate the beauty of the mountains. Most of the family & friends who attended the wedding were from Colorado & are used to the surroundings of the multi colored mountain terrain. The entire stay, I was in awe of the sights & couldn't believe my eyes. A change of scenery was refreshing to me. I will definitely post some of my favorite images from the wedding as soon as I have them edited & ready to show.


  1. Jake, your pictures are just breathtaking! Great job.

  2. Love your pics Love the scenes I have several favorites You have a true talent in capturing what our Heavenly Father has created for us to enjoy and appreciate on this earth!!! Corrin Ga


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