Sunday, February 27, 2011

Photo Tips

I was recently asked by one of our blog readers if I would give photography tips that may help make your shots stand out. I've always said I'm not a very good teacher, but what a great blog idea it would be. I thought hard about how I would present this idea.  I decided that over 1 month's time I would post a daily photography tip. I will not only give technical photo tips  but maybe even something business related info as well. I've learned most everything through the years by trial & error. What works & what doesn't. So if this is something that interest you then please check back everyday to learn a little about photography.

Photo Tip #1
Use Flash Outdoors-
  • Even outdoors, using the flash setting on your camera will improve the overall quality of your image. This is known as a fill flash.  Depending on the lighting,  using a flash in the sun will reduce the appearance of circles  or "raccoon eyes" on your subjects.  It will also make the subjects eye color pop. There are other ways of getting around not using a flash by using reflectors & bouncing light. For a quick fix I recommend just manually turning on your flash.
If you're not sure this technique will work, then take two different photos. One with flash & one without. That way you're safe. 

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  1. Thank you so much for great tip! I will try two different photos and see how they go...


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