Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day!

Super Bowl fans were not the only ones to visit Texas this week. Just as all the weather channels were predicting, old man winter graced us with his presence last night as snow & ice fell in our area.  Since the blistering wind made it feel around zero degrees, we could only stand to go out in short doses.  Here's a few shots I was able to get.

It may seem strange, but one thing that normally freezes first are the feet due to icy cold water soaks through your shoes.  Since we have no rubber boots the next best solution would be to wrap our shoes in Wal-Mart bags.  

 Brother covering sisters face from the wind gusts.


  1. Absolutely beautiful shots, as always. Those blue eyes! Good gravy! Actually the Wal*mart bags didn't come as any shock to me, at all. Growing up in Steeler country. I too, as a child wore bread wrappers, over so many pairs of socks and back then -- all we had were rubber boots. I still to this day, remember that, when I look at the Wonder bread in stores.
    Heard your great state gave my "Stillers" a hero's welcome yesterday :) Wave that terrible towel, Jake. I'd support your team, you know :D

  2. Love the photos! Chase's eyes, the field and the plastic sacks! Priceless!


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