Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Facebook Is 5 Years Old

It was 5 years ago that Mark Zuckerberg founded Thefacebook.com along with fellow Harvard classmates Chris Hughes, Dustin Moskovitz, and Eduardo Saverin. 1,800 days and 150,000,000 users later, Facebook has become one of the most heavily used and trusted websites in the world.

Facebook’s accomplishments to date are truly impressive. Not only has the company built a social utility accepted across global cultures, but it has also established unprecedented trust with users who are comfortable sharing more and more personal information every day.

In fact, Facebook also released updated stats on information shared by Facebook users today:

  • 15 million users update their statuses at least once each day
  • 850 million photos are uploaded to the site each month
  • 24 million pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photos, etc.) are shared each month
  • 3.5 million users become fans of Pages each day
  • The average user has 120 Facebook friends
It was 1 year ago this week that I opened my own facebook account. I first started with my personal page with my family & old schoolmates. It was great to be able to re-connect with people I haven't heard from or seen in 10 years. In the beginning it felt wrong to spend hours looking into the personal lives/photos/info of everyone you know. It wasn't long before I too was uploading every photo I had from our family vacation & telling all my business.
Then I opened a second page inviting not only friend & family but my business contacts too. In addition to my main site www.FeltsPhotography.com and this blog, I could use the photo albums in Facebook to use as additional advertising. I really don't do many status updates, but mostly post links letting everyone know when I've updated the blog. Facebook & the blog have proved to be a great tool for getting the word out to our customers about the latest services we provide. I also enjoy posting unralated random things I happen to run across...things that make me laugh or just make me think.

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