Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Week 2

Casey took us back to the future last night on AI with his version of Huey Lewis' 1985 hit 'Power Of Love'. The song is featured in the 1985 blockbuster film Back to the Future. It gave the band their first number-one hit on the U.S.Billboard Hot 100,[2

I've got to admit when I heard "Hannah Montana" was the mentor on this weeks show, I was a little surprised. After watching last night, I did realize how successful Miley really has been in the industry. Like her or not, there's no denying the fact she has been a top selling artists & sold out venues everywhere.

I think this high energy performance was his best to date, even if the judges didn't understand the song choice. It really fit this voice & he was still able to show off his playin' mixed in with the hornes in the band. No doubt Casey will sail through into the top 10 especially after those first two less than perfect performances the started the show last night.

Does Simon need to get some rest or what? It seems he doesn't have many good comments for anyone these days. I get that he wants to give an honest critique, but geez...maybe a little positive feedback would be great. However I do have to agree that some of the song choices were surprising. I think it may be a better decision to select more current songs that a lot of the younger voters would recognize. Even Casey's performance had all us 80's kids groovin' but may not translate over as well with pre-teens who have never heard 'Power Of Love' or seen the 1985 movie.

In case you missed it.

Notice how Casey's brother BC gets his Boo on when Simon lashes out.... Like my funny friend Tina suggested, BC sat close enough to the judges so next week have spit wads ready when Simon will surly continue with his negative remarks! LOL

Check out iTunes on Friday if you want to purchase the studio recording of 'Power Of Love'

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