Friday, April 9, 2010

Meet The Nobles

A few of years ago I met Robin & Eli when the couple asked me to photograph their wedding. The ceremony was scheduled to take place at Chandor Gardens in Weatherford. We used the historic gardens for both the engagement session & pre-bridal portraits.

The next few photos were from the bridal session we did weeks prior to the wedding date. Most brides want to do a separate session so they can display their favorite portrait at the reception.

The bridal session is a good test for a bride-to-be so she can see what works & what doesn't which will better prepare her for the big day. Sometimes on pre bridal portrait day, they may decide the dress is too big, shoes hurt her feet,flowers don't look right etc. In Robins case, she decided for the wedding to go with a totally different hair style. I thought either way looked great.

It's always risky to plan your wedding & reception for outside due to our unpredictable Texas weather. With showers in the forecast everything went as planned when the couple was able to have the ceremony in the beautiful bolling green. We were still able to get all of our pre & post wedding shots before it started to rain. Then just a little after the reception began the umbrellas came out. The party was forced inside the Chandor mansion which was no problem because the celebration continued with drinks, cake & dancing as planned.

Fast forward two years & the couple welcomed baby Drylon to the family. I wanted to share a few of my favorite images from his newborn session.

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  1. Your pictures are so good. And Brylon is a very lucky little fellow, he is also a beautiful perfect little boy.

    I can't wait to see him in person.


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