Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Seniors Seniors & More Seniors

Here are a few various senior sessions from the past week all from different locations. I enjoy getting to work one-on-one with these young adults to capture their personalities in photographs. Some are shy, some are outspoken, some are polite some are not. We've had some great kids through this year & haven't had any bad experiences. (this year) My work days have been jam packed with editing & trying to get the proofs online as fast as possible.

Kaleb- We've done many sports photos through Millsap ISD of this senior. Cari & I have seen many Millsap kids grow up through the years. It's actually depressing having taken 7th grade football photos of Kaleb & now Senior pics. They are the ones getting older...not me...right?

Katie- In the Fall we did a large group family session that Katie was included in. The shoot took place on the old family farm house & it worked out great. Luckily Mom liked our work enough to travel down to have us take her photos in Weatherford's historic Chandor Gardens.

Reese- I was asked to travel to North Parker County to photograph Reese on his grandparents property. I get this request a lot & I never know how much I will have to work with when going to someones home. When I pulled up I was relieved to see the variety of locations I had to work with.

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