Thursday, April 29, 2010


All us locals are shocked that Millsap's Casey James was once again in the bottom 2. After his overwhelmingly positive reviews this week we just knew he was back on top. Big parties are in the works this week & I hear rumors of Millsap school even having one. Lisa Hester (watch party organizer at Rockin' S Bar & Grill PK) mentioned that news crews may be back out there next week for live feeds. So if you want your 15 seconds of fame then drive out to PK lake!

I really think even though AI is fan voted, the show is very scripted. Down to the initial auditions process too. Producers know exactly who they want to cast & star in every season. Just like in a TV drama, there is every type of personality for all of us to relate to. The nerd, the jock, the rags to riches, the lower class, the hunk, the off beat one etc. This years show had each or those. There is no doubt that AI has cast the winner to be the rags-to-riches favorite Bowersox. She is a true talent & I'm glad for her.

Even if next week is the end for our local guy on AI, it's really just the beginning. Late nights in smoky bars will be a thing of the past for Casey. From what I've read, the top 2 contestants will get record deals with AI or 19 records, so essentially sign their life over to them. So even if AI fans don't vote him to the top spot it will be just a matter of time before record labels will be fighting for him. After seeing the vampire Ford commercial last night, I wouldn't be surprised if directors soon take notice of Casey's looks. Twilight here comes Cool Casey.

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  1. I still think we could get Casey to number 2 and hey he'll get a car too... I'm trying everything I can.. sending my two teenagers to the neighbors to vote for two hours next week.. that should triple our output... we can do it!

  2. Oh we want him to win, just sayin he's made it even if he doesn't win. We want a hometown visit/parade/performance!

  3. According to dial Idol Casey wasn't even in the bottom three - just more drama from the Idol team. They scrip - you can bet that. I've watched and read about this show and its contracts for years now - Vote hard and long - get everyone involved - If we can get Casey to the top 3 he will be set for life and that great big old state of TX is just the place to start. Team Casey always. Jeanne


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