Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What Is Today

So today I turned 33. It wasn't too long ago when I thought 33 was an age I would never be. Life gets so busy & we just rush rush to the next appointment, the next weekend, the next holiday until we wake up & realize your babies are growing up before your eyes. Birthdays have become less important as I've grown older & so many time when asked, I have to stop & think...I'm 31 wait, old am I?

After my birthday supper I snapped a few photos of my daughter in the yard. She is still young enough to pose for the camera. It won't be long before she will just roll her eyes & run away when I try to take photos, like her older brother does. So I took advantage of the moment...

Jenna has a head full of naturally curly hair but begs mom to straighten it some mornings. With her straightened locks it's easier to toss it around like Hannah Montana does. Today she was a rock star!

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