Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Cool, Weatherford & Mineral Wells all got a mention on last nights Idol when Casey James was asked about his hometown. Throughout the audition process James has impressed the judges with his blues rock style & not to mention Kara's "extra feelings" about his looks. Casey did his cowboy-cool singer-songwriter thing with a cover of Colbie Caillat's "Bubbly." Next week America will begin calling in their votes for their favorite Idol contestant. Having never voted myself I believe there's a first time for everything. This will also be a "fun" task my 10 year old will like to partake in......REDIAL....Casey James has all us locals pulling for him in the title for this years American Idol winner.

In case you missed last night

I was reading my friend's Face Book status yesterday, I saw a mobile upload photo that caught my attention. It was a pic of her with Casey taken Tuesday in Mineral Wells. He was obviously in town visiting family etc. & she grabbed a quick autograph & pic. If he continues to do well & make it through, this may be his last visit home until the end of the show. It would be awesome if the next time any of us see Casey is for a huge hometown finale welcome. Let see if we can all vote Casey to the end.

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