Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Edits #18

After the snow ended on Friday I took a walk to a great spot that overlooked Weatherford. It was crazy to see the amount of snow that fell over the city. When I was taking photos of the courthouse I hopping I would be able to add plenty of contrast to to bring out the detail in the buildings.

Edits Include: Adding a large amount of contrast to entire image. Used burn tool to darken many areas to add more depth. Added a feather darkened border.

I was able to get a few other images while I was out & will be posting them soon. I just thought this would be perfect to include in my month long Pic-A-Day series.


  1. These edits posts have all been really great! I would have thought the picture of the courthouse was just an "as is" kind of thing, but apparently you had to put in some work to make it look so amazing! I really love it!

  2. This is I think one of the best examples I have of editing. Thank goodness for the contrast option on photoshop!


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