Friday, February 12, 2010

Operation Snowman Transplant

Since Cari & I married over 11 years ago, we have only had a hand full of heavy snow days. On Thursday a steady flow of snow fell over Weatherford & we couldn't wait to start building a snowman. As the kids began working on theirs, we got to work on our 7 1/2 foot giant. I believe we were more excited about the project than the kids, as they quickly lost interest & went on to something else.

We were kind of stumped on what we should use for the face. Cari found some tootsie roll pops that worked great.

No snowman is complete without his tommy boggin' to keep warm.

Cari standing w/ the finished snowman we were proud of.

Several more inches of white stuff covered North Texas through the evening & into the night. I was absolutely in awe of how much snow was on the ground. It was amazing! We also quickly noticed something else......the larger than life man we built of snow the previous day had lost his figure & was looking sad.
Not only did Mr. Snowman lose his rounded packed down look but the barely freezing temps. couldn't keep from melting his eyes. It was almost like he was telling us "man you gotta fix me....please"

Cari & I quickly went into "Operation Snowman Transplant"

Cari built a larger new bottom layer in a different part of the yard. Then I pulled off the top two layers from the old man to use on the new one. We had already packed the other snowman so good I couldn't see us not using them again.

Me carring the old snowman head to the new one. The middle layer wasn't so easy.

I want into the attic to see what Halloween costumes we could use. I saw a pumpkin out fit Cari wore several years ago & new that would be perfect.

We then added a witches wig & a trick-or-treat basket to finish it off.
Cari & I with our completed snowman....snowthing...whatever.
Happy Halloween!

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