Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Casey Moves On

Even though I have never voted for a favorite contestant, I will admit I am a fan of American Idol. I also had never planned on blogging about the results but, it's a pretty cool to tune in to the highest rated show on TV to see someone from your hometown. Millsap graduate Casey James skimmed through his Boston audition & earned himself a gold ticket to Hollywood. The first round of Hollywood week aired last night & Casey showed us curious viewers & schoolmates just what he's been doing since he graduated in 2000. For the first round, Casey was able to get back into his comfort zone by adding his guitar to his vocals & showing the judges exactly what he is about. He definitely won over all the judges including newcomer Ellen DeGeneres who joined the show last night. The competition is looking promising for Casey as round 2 of Hollywood week airs tonight. We will be waiting to see if he can do just as well in groups & without his guitar.

Here is the video if you missed his performance.

Update: Here's the video from the second day of Hollywood week. The judges once again allowed Casey to advance through to the final round, which will determine if he will make it into the top 24. At this point it will be left up to America to decide if Casey can make it all the way.

From: The Hollywood Gossip web site:

Sources state that James has advanced to this season's top 24, which will be announced on February 17. There's good reason to believe that rumor: all YouTube performances by the singer have been removed, a common step taken by American Idol producers for a contestant that advances in Hollywood.

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