Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Google Chrome For Facebook Users

I noticed something strange shortly after I booted up my desktop computer this morning. A message saying my PC had been infected with several viruses along with information boxes saying I needed to purchase virus protection starting at $40. I have Trend Micro AntiVirus on my computer, so why would I need to buy more? Less than a week ago my Dad called me saying his computer was giving him those same crazy messages. I immediately called the geeks at Best Buy to see what all this was about. Without seeing it he knew that it was definitely a virus & said NOT to purchase the advertised software. He explained that this virus would keep me from going online using 'internet explorer' browser. Luckily some time ago I had installed Mozella Firefox browser & was able to connect to the internet that way. This enabled him to remove the virus for me without me going to the store. It also saved me $50 too. Basically he said I got the virus from Facebook & the best way to keep from getting it again is to NOT use 'internet explorer' web browser. He said the best browser out is Google Chrome. I just thought I would pass along this info if you use FaceBook.

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