Saturday, May 15, 2010

Casey Came Home

Millsap's Bulldog Stadium was standing room only for fans to catch a brief appearance by American Idol finalist Casey James. Casey & Idol crews made their rounds in the DFW area Friday & finally rolled into Parker County this morning to a sea of cheering fans. It was like one big class reunion looking into the crowd. I want to thank Millsap for allowing me to cover the event. I'm working on getting all the images up on "Casey James Homecoming" Face Book page. Find it to see everything!


  1. What an emotional and overwhelming couple days Casey has had. I sure hope he gets some rest. I certainly have enjoyed your local hometown coverage Jake. Thanks

  2. I know all of you are immensely proud of Casey, and have every right to be. Of course, that pride in Casey for which you exude, extends up into Eastern Tennessee, too, where we are all anxiously awaiting a spellbinding performance from Goldirox. We are all working, even as we speak, to generate many new votes for Casey this week, and having lots of success. I will be posting a new Casey story on my blog tomorrow morning, and, naturally, it will be lavish in praise for CJ, and will detail why he should be in the Finale.
    Tune in to

  3. Thank you Jake for taking these photos and publish them. I"m from Israel, a big music fan and this is my first season watching AI.I enjoy Casey's performances and because we get everything in delay here and TX is very far from Tel Aviv:-), its nice to see authentic and beautiful photos in real time.

  4. Thank you for all your photos - they are just amazing!

  5. Just wanted you to know that in an effort to push Casey through to the Finale I have posted a new feature story about him on my blog. Please stop by and give it a read. Hope you all enjoy......and go Casey!!!
    Davido LegEagle


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